TREK : Jr. Leadership Program

Trek Summit 1:

            Year one of the Trek program is a week to week commitment for grades 9-12 (with youth going into grade 9 available to volunteer during all weeks other than Jr/Sr teens). The first year is focused on learning what it is like to be a leader at camp instead of just a camper as well as service and the basics of camp mission/vision and Christianity. Interaction with campers is limited in this first year as this is the first opportunity students have had to learn leadership and time is at camp is short.


 Trek Summit 2:

            Year two is a 4-week commitment  with optional junior leading weeks in August for grades 10-12. Preference of acceptance for this year will be given to those students who have participated in Summit 1, however completing summit 1 is not a requirement. Focus for the second year is building on the knowledge of Christianity, leadership, practical camp and, life skills. These will include things such as learning about the trinity, spiritual disciplines, conflict resolution, as well as learning the different roles at camp. There will also be a community focused out trip. In the second year as the four weeks precede students will have the opportunity to be more involved in day to day camp life, including receiving adopt-a-cabins in later weeks. They will also have the optional opportunity to either junior cabin lead or junior program for one or two weeks in august.

Trek Summit 3:

            Year three is a 5-week commitment  with an optional junior leading week.  Summit 3 is only available for those students who have previously completed Summit 2. Focus for third year is a deepening of relationship with Christ as well as expanding leadership and camp skills and receiving a more crucial role of leadership within a camp setting. In third year students will receive adopt-a-cabins for most of their program and in their last week will be junior leading in one of the positions at camp, based on the recommendation of the Trek leaders and the wishes of the student. There will also be a service based out trip.


Our internship is designed for students who have completed the Trek program but who are not ready to enter the staff team yet. (Staff must be at least 18 years of age) This allows students to fully embrace a leadership role at camp and work directly with campers all summer, while still having the mentorship and support of a staff member. The internship allows for practical practice of what students have learned in the Trek program as well as adaptability of position, and a safe learning environment.


There is NO COST associated with the Trek program, which means that there may be limited availability. Apply and you will be contacted for a follow-up interview.


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