Mission / Vision / Principles


Our Mission: 

Mill Creek Baptist Camp is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to providing a safe and positive camping environment for individuals of all ages to encounter and engage with God’s presence in their lives.

Our Vision:

Welcomed to Belong. Invited to Believe. Challenged to Become.

Each of these three values is critically important and interdependent in Mill Creek Baptist Camp’s vision of a balanced ministry in partnership with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and our supporting churches. We follow this framework as a way to evaluate faith formation as we equip people to follow Jesus in whatever culture or context they find themselves. Belonging means being welcomed and accepted no matter where an individual is at in their spiritual journey. We believe that we are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that through Jesus we have been forgiven and reconciled to God. This reconciliation prompts us to invite others to make the conscious decision to believe. The challenge to become is a call to take action in developing Christ-like Character through a process of discipleship.

Our Principles:

We Exist to…

1) provide a safe, fun and uplifting camping experience that is in constant pursuit of best practice while proclaiming the redemptive love of God.

2) provide an avenue of outreach to invite individuals to faith in Christ

3) encourage and nurture individuals as they step into active participation in the Kingdom of Christ.

4) provide opportunities for service, mentorship, and Biblical discipleship.

5) to provide a facility that can be used by other ministries and organizations to experience the love of Christ through the unique setting of camp



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