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I hate camp”. These were the words I muttered under my breath as I bumped along in the backseat of my parent’s minivan on the gravel road to Mill Creek Baptist Camp for the very first time. My mom had decided that I would attend The Mill, whether I liked it or not. I was a shy yet belligerent 11 year old and made no qualms about how disinterested I was in trekking into the wilderness for a week with a group of strangers. We arrived to an eerily quiet facility and were greeted by the camp cook. Apparently, we were a day late for registrations due to a clerical error and I just missed catching the bus with the rest of the campers for an off-site hike. It was just me, my stuffed rabbit and the cook sitting on a couch in the lodge for my first few hours at summer camp. I wasn’t convinced that this was a great life decision by my mother at this point.

Jump forward to the year 2013 and here I am transitioning into the role of Director at the very same camp I swore I’d hate! Needless to say, Mill Creek won me over handily. I returned every summer since with a growing fervour for greater involvement. The Mill became not a 2nd home to me, but an extension of a home that already existed.  In my time at camp, I’ve been a camper, a Prism, a volunteer, a cabin leader, a program coordinator, a program director and a staff mentor. I have been convinced in my time that any person that steps onto the property of The Mill, should be thoroughly overwhelmed by the love of God’s people and the majesty of His creation. The Mill isn’t just a camp, it’s a community.

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